Kit 002 (BMW Constant Pressure Valve O-Ring)


Selling on eBay. If there are none for sale, please contact me (sales[at] The seal kit (which includes the tool to remove the Constant Pressure Valve) costs 10 and postage is free within the UK. Please ask for postage prices from abroad.

Image showing what is included in the kit

Image showing a new o-ring fitted to the CPV (note the size of the o-ring relative to the outside diameter of the CPV)

Image showing the tool in use. The tool is made from 10mm hex CrV and I have made it so that 1/4 and 3/8 tools can be used.

The seal replaces the o-ring found on the Constant Pressure Valve (11 11 1 318 185). It is very rare for the CPV to fail, it is usually the o-ring that fails, and it is not available separately.

The CPV is found on the S50B32 and the S54 engines. Click here to see the part illustrated on RealOEM.

The seal that I supply is VITON. VITON is superior to NITRILE as its temperature range is higher, as is its chemical and oil resistance.

The price for the CPV from BMW (as at Sep 2016) was 33.31, so 10 represents a massive saving for you!!

Below is a video that I made showing the problem.